SoundCloud: The hub of Underground Music

SoundCloud stepped in the music industry in 2007. Technically it holds its origin in Germany. But music knows no boundaries; hence, it became everyone's favorite platform in no time.

Reasons for SoundCloud app's high popularity

  • Other than the most significant place for having all genres of music it is famous for other plenty of reasons such as
  • It allows many people to become famous stars of today, such as Billi Elish teenagers sensation started her career from this very platform.
  • Any person from around the world can upload its songs.
  • All you need to have is an account.
  • It is free of cost to listen to music at any time of the time.

However, downloading costs you some dollars. Do not worry, because you can use for downloading. (homepage link)

  • It is not only a mobile's application, but it operates on laptops and tablets as well.
  • Mainly because of the central core of underground music

What is Underground music?

If you are a SoundCloud user, you must have listened to it. However, there is a fair chance that you are not familiar with this term because it came out in the 1960s.

It refers to the music the low-key artist produces. Such as the music that doesn't go on commercial streams. Therefore people tend to like them more, as the music is created and sung from the strings of the heart.

These artists upload their music on their SoundCloud account, and users find them and enjoy them a lot. And at this homepage the SoundCloud download all tracks is possible. Learn how to download a playlist right here. ( create anchor link)

Are you an Underground Artist?

If you love to sing and create music, you sure are an artist. Why let your talent stay in your dorm rooms? Because I can assure you there are people out there with open hearts who want to listen to another heart sing.

Let us go through the journey of becoming a low-key artist.

How to download SoundCloud?

First thing first you need to have SoundCloud on your mobile and laptop.

How to download SoundCloud on Smartphones?

Either you are an android user or IOS, it is effortless to have a SoundCloud app.

For Android users

  • Sign in to your Google account or create it if you already do not have an account
  • Open the play store and search SoundCloud
  • Download the official SoundCloud application

For IOS User

  • Sign in to your Apple ID or create one right away
  • Open the App Store and enter Soundcloud in the search bar
  • Download the app

How to download SoundCloud on a personal computer?

For now, it is only available for Windows.

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account
  • Open the Microsoft store
  • Search SoundCloud
  • Select the Get option, and you will have your SoundCloud.

Now that you have your application, you can use the SoundCloud downloader app and this webpage to have offline music.

However, these steps are enough for a listen but an artist; you need to have a SoundCloud account. Do not worry it is easier if the following steps are followed

How to create SoundCloud account?

  • Open the application
  • Sign-up from the option
  • Choose the genre of music
  • Enter the requisite information
  • Verify your account

See, in five steps you have set-up your account—post as many songs as you want. Also, have SoundCloud download free music from the search bar here.

How to upload tracks on SoundCloud?

  • Now that you have SoundCloud on your gadgets, it is time to start uploading audios. Let me walk you through a step by step guide to have a tremendous first experience.
  • Open the SoundCloud application
  • On the homepage look at the top right corner
  • Now select the arrow in an upward direction
  • It will take you to your mobile/pc location
  • Choose the file you want to upload

Now your file is ready to upload; however, it will be of no use if we fail to attract the users. So to have multiple clicks check out the following tips and get the users in your playlists

  1. Once your song is loaded, it is time to upload general information. Remember to fill all the windows to attract as many users as possible. Since it is an audio platform, people read while listening. And it is your job to make them stop.
  2. Engage the users by entering a classic title with its genre and description.
  3. Upload the best cover image that you have. Note that the image should be relevant to your music; otherwise, it will not make any sense to the listeners.

Let's say not all people read, but all people see!

Tips that guarantee your popularity on SoundCloud

Although your music has to play a huge part, we can not deny the fact that we have to create our image first. Therefore, I have come up with the top best tips that would help the beginners create a name in the world of music using SoundCloud. Who knows, you can be the next prominent artist if you want to.

Profile Creation

No doubt it is a fun app, but the artist must have a well-structured profile because the purpose is to move the user form one track to the whole list.

For this always have a perfect profile image and description that would also state about your music and inspiration.

Unique style

There are plenty of artists on the platform already, but that doesn't mean you do not have a chance. You have, with your music style and delivery,

Do not get overwhelmed by seeing comments on someone else's profile. Stick to your unique style and be innovative.

Upload the final track

Remember the listener does not know you personally, and they do not have time to listen to your struggles of becoming number 1. Therefore, record and create as many tracks as you want but always upload the final and best of all.

Share links

Use your social media accounts to share your song's list. Also, share in WhatsApp groups, and you can again ask your friends to help you in spreading the links.

Be Present

If you want your profile to stay alive, you need to be present on your account as well. It means that if the user's comment, you must be there to respond. Increase the interaction, so the listener feel welcomed on your profile and tracks.

If you want to become famous, then keep your account public, always!

How to earn money by using SoundCloud?

It is your choice if you listen to access the songs for free of cost or charge them some amount. Some users think it as a support to their favorite artist.

Once you have made your profile, you can choose how you want to go about your songs.

Buy Link method to earn money

  • When you upload your song, a window will appear having three sub-windows as

Basic Information                                 Metadata                                                Permission

  • After filling the necessary information, select the metadata tab to add the Buy Link.

What is Buy Link?

Buy link is a URL of the third party at which your songs will be available for purchase.

  • Now that you have the MetaData in front of you paste the URL in the Buy-link bar
  • Click Save

Now your song is available on SoundCloud, and the users can have it from the URL you have just pasted.

How to change the setting of a song on SoundCloud?

However, if anytime you want to change the settings of the previously uploaded songs, you can do it as stated below:

  • Go to your profile
  • Open the tracks section
  • Select the pencil icon
  • Update any information you want
  • Select save

When does the earning start from SoundCloud Premier?

However, it is not for every artist on the SoundCloud platform, but you can be one of them. But to the one you need to have 5000 plays and that too from countries such as Ireland, France, New Zealand United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Germany.

Nevertheless, for every stream, the artist will only receive the 0.0003$. Do not think of it low because it is far above than other music platforms.