SoundCloud vs Spotify much-needed comparison

These are two main music streams which are running par-to-par for years now. Undoubtedly the competitions are very high, but you should understand that both are dealing in different music markets. 


Most of the time, the comparison is made on the number of users, SoundCloud/Spotify offline, SoundCloud/Spotify playlist downloader, and SoundCloud/Spotify to mp3 conversion. 

But the comparison doesn't lead to the right stats because of the different serving criteria both have. 

Targeted Audience of SoundCloud and Spotify

When comparing SoundCloud and Spotify downloader applications, we forget to consider the users and their intention. 

SoundCloud's Audience

SoundCloud, as started in Germany, had the goal to give opportunities to low-key artists. Those who do not have other resources and those who do not want to be on the public's front end. 


Hence, the birth of Underground music took place. Get a better understanding of Underground music here. (add internal link)

Spotify's Audience

Now the targeted audience of this application is different as it includes songs of the top artist, who are recognized worldwide. Another limitation the Spotify converter has is the fact that it is not operational in all countries. 


Now you must have understood the primary difference between the two applications. 

Paying rates of these two popular applications

We are now moving to another fundamental point to analyze the difference between SoundCloud and Spotify; monetization. 


Both of these apps pay the artist on the number of streams it gets. However, it will not be wrong to say that the pay rate is not very high as some other streaming applications are offered. But the exceptionally high usage of these apps somehow balances it by getting high streaming. 

Major Differences

The significant differences between the artist getting pay are

  • SoundCloud allows the artist to sell their track, but Spotify doesn't
  • Spotify has a higher rate per stream than that of SoundCloud.

Who offers better quality music, SoundCloud, or Spotify?

When comparing the applications based on quality, let us go back to the fact that SoundCloud allows underground music. Hence, the quality fluctuates. 


Since Spotify only deals with famous artists, it has a centralized quality control program. Thus it offers higher quality than SoundCloud. 

Freedom of posting song

SoundCloud allows the user to create an account and start posting the songs. However, to post on Spotify, you have to go through several processes. Such as:

  1. Create an account
  2. Publishing the release date of the track is mandatory
  3. Quality check by DSP by paying the fees
  4. Only the invited artists can publish their work


Although both of the platforms, SoundCloud and Spotify, are ideal for the music industry. Nevertheless, Spotify has more users than SoundCloud because of its high-grade quality. 


On the other hand, SoundCloud wins when it comes to publishing your work. Therefore, both apps have distinctive purposes to offer. You can choose the one that suits your needs the best.